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The most basic yet probably most important and certainly most overlooked area of finance!

Most of our referrals are to unpick errors and omissions stemming from poor Bookkeeping.  It's simplicity can be it's downfall in that it is deemed to be not as important as running the business, without understanding the implications this can have.  

Any of these sound familiar...

  • Is my VAT correct?
  • Am I making any profit?
  • My Accountant asks if my bank has been balanced?
  • How much do I owe to my suppliers and when are they due?
  • How much am I owed by customers and when are they due?
  • Something doesn't look right but I'm not sure how to find the problem?
Quite simply, if the Bookkeeping isn't right, this filters into the rest of the business and you will be devoid of any meaningful financial information to help you plan.  

We can come in to review your books and implement a plan to tidy up if required, whether that be for your year end or on an ongoing basis.  



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